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Cancellation terms

and cancellation or stay


Cancellation terms mean cancellation of the stay by the tenant.

Tenants before applying cancellations will always be offered another term in the context of available dates and technical possibilities so as to avoid the damage or that damage the lessee up to minimize.

  1. Cancellation more than 2 weeks before the stay - free of charge
  2. Cancellation to 2 weeks before the stay - 100% of the price.

Week means 7 calendar days, regardless of what day of the week it is. The material time is the time of crediting the amount of the advance to bank account. The lessee must demonstrably deliver hand to confirm the cancellation. For delivery can also be seen as a message through electronic communication.



Cancellations by the Tenant

The lessee has the right to immediately cancel the stay tenant in the event that there is evidence of a serious breach of contractual conditions and conditions relate to the use of the accommodation unit in a manner proper manager excessive harassment surroundings, noise curfew and smoking in the area throughout the accommodation. Immediate cancellation of residence tenant is not entitled to a refund of the proportional part paid for the stay.



Cancellation conditions were issued on January 12, 2016 and are valid and effective on 1 February 2016.