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Terms and conditions - accommodation contract




Lessor is a private person - the owner, the assigning thing - Papartmán GoToPec in Pec 293 542 21 Pec pod Sněžkou - to use another based on a valid and confirmed orders reservation system on this web stránkcách on the link: The landlord is not liable for damage to health and property of tenants and people who share his unit, if the tenant and other persons caused by themselves, even negligent.



The customer - Tenant it is any person older than 18 years who is responsible within the meaning of the Act no. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code, as amended. The customer is responsible for the person and any damages incurred during pornájmu paprtmánu according to the reservations made and without special agreement is required to use the thing as an ordinary householder to ujednanému purpose.


Contractual relationship.

 Contractual relationship is exclusively governed by the Civil Code. Arises on the basis produced and sent by booking a stay in the above reservation system by the lessee. The reservation system is automatic and after and sent your reservation, it will send to your registered email address summary titled "Your booking is complete." Along with this report, you receive an attachment in PDF format called "Voucher" and the relevant booking ID. This annex is an advance made on the reservation. Confirmation from your side by replying to an email message sent and paying a deposit within 3 working days will be valid contractual relationship and will block your chosen dates. Sent confirming you agree with these terms and conditions and privacy protections.


Arrival and departure.

Arrival and departure. The advent of a selected reservation, you soon on the first day chosen dates for 14 hours to a maximum of 20 pm (other times only by mutual agreement). Departure from booking a stay is the last day of the selected reservations within 10 hours (possibility to arrange a later departure if it will be possible from an organizational and technical point of view). When boarding passes lessor, or a person designated by the aforementioned tenants apartment in a tidy condition and free of defects according to the inventory and any equipment other than signing the handover protocol. The lessee has the right at the handover point in writing in the handover protocol defects. At a later report defects will not be considered, unless, for example, a defect that can not be part of the tenant when the expected ovlinit proper use of the item. The landlord has the right to a copy of the identification data of the tenant. After signing and handing over the apartment tenant will receive the keys to the apartment.



Apartment (housing unit) is designed for a maximum of 8 persons. It consists of 3 room before, as described on these pages (, bathrooms, toilets, basements and patios. Tenant has all these spaces and a garage space in the basement.



Reservation price is determined on the date of the period for the night in the reservation system. The price is fixed for the entire unit including power consumption, without exceeding normal consumption of over 10%. Reservation price is set 1 to 4 persons entire accommodation unit and 5 to 8 persons entire accommodation unit. If the tenant booked to stay during the two neighboring terms booking system automatically recalculates the rates for each night in these two terms, and adapts them to the concerned prices in line with prices for a certain period. Payment of advances due to the acceleration of rental options and for other tenants, is set to 3 working days. The zablokvání term and that another tenant had already the possibility of the same or similar terms in order, there is the moment of crediting the entire amount of the deposit to a bank account specified in the reservation system, sent in advance of or in contact with the variable symbol according to the relevant invoice number. Variable symbol is the order ID. The deposit is calculated automatically reservation system at 40% of the total booking. Until the advances credited to your bank account will be required dates Reserve blocked. This term will remain free for any other tenant. The tenant, in which backups will be credited to the bank account soon, the reservation will be blocked regardless of other reservations of other tenants. Date and time Snooze amount at the request of the tenant to provide. The deposit is subject stornovacím conditions.


Cancellation terms.

 Cancellation conditions means the cancellation of the stay by the tenant.

Cancellation conditions means the cancellation of the stay by the tenant. Tenants before applying cancellations will always be offered another term in the context of available dates and technical possibilities so as to avoid the damage or that damage the lessee up to minimize.

  1. Cancellation more than four weeks before the stay - free of charge.
  2. Cancellation 3 to 4 weeks before the stay - 10% of the price.
  3. Cancellation 2 to 3 weeks before the stay - 20% of the price.
  4. Cancellation 1 to 2 weeks before the stay - 30% of the price.
  5. Cancellation up to 1 week before the stay - 40% of the price

Week means 7 calendar days, regardless of what day of the week it is. The material time is the time of crediting the amount of the advance to bank account. The lessee must demonstrably deliver hand to confirm the cancellation. For delivery can also be seen as a message through electronic communication.


Obligations of the tenant

  1. follow the general con ditions landlord, potrdit by signing the transfer protocol and list any defect found, or write "without fault"
  2. familiarize yourself with all the rooms of accommodation units and become familiar with service
  3. use the unit as an ordinary householder, avoid actions which could lead to damage to the accommodation unit and the device and use unit solely for the purpose of accommodation
  4. adhere to the principles of safety, especially not to interfere with the wiring and appliances and the manilulaci open fire caution
  5. follow throughout the accommodation unit strict ban on smoking and in case of violation to pay a penalty in the amount of 10.000, - CZK (ten thousands of those Czech crowns)
  6. Lessee is fully responsible to the landlord for damages caused by his fault or the fault of other persons who are with him are or were in the apartment or for any damages animals, which allowed access to the facility.
  7. avoid actions that would unduly bothered surroundings and observe the quiet between 22.00 and 06.00
  8. personally hand over the departure of stay unit and perform a landlord or a person authorized by visual inspection
  9. tenants and those who share his unit are fully responsible for their own safety, health and personal belongings, including financial prosředků
  10. the lessee is obliged to immediately notify the lessor, or a person authorized by anything that might endanger the safety and health of other persons in the accommodation building and adjacent areas, everything that could lead to damage to the accommodation unit and its equipment.
  11. confirm in writing the defects found and become familiar with the amount of damages


Cancellations by the Tenant

The lessee has the right to immediately cancel the stay tenant in the event that there is evidence of a serious breach of contractual conditions and conditions relate to the use of the accommodation unit in a manner proper manager excessive harassment surroundings, noise curfew and smoking in the area throughout the accommodation. Immediate cancellation of residence tenant is not entitled to a refund of the proportional part paid for the stay.


Obligations of the landlord

  1. the landlord or his representative is obliged to inform the tenant of the building accommodation units and submitted for signature transfer protocol
  2. the landlord, or person authorized by him shall allow the entry in faulty assumption accommodation units
  3. the landlord is obliged to provide everything that the price includes the stay and if a situation arises which results in a deterioration of the tenant, the landlord has a duty to immediately take all measures to correct this situation removed, or provide a reasonable discount on stays proportionate to the state.


Terms were issued on January 12, 2016 and are valid and effective on 1 February 2016.